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Our Story

PORTIQO aims to transform Residential Real Estate market in India through advanced technologies, world-class processes, great people and exceptional service. Our current focus is on rental services in Chennai and are rapidly expanding to other markets. We operate mobile, IoT based rental platform to deliver full service rental experience to Owners and Tenants. Our platform is powered by hand-picked local Agents who collaborate with each other to deliver professional service.

PORTIQO is lead by Ravi Duddukuru, Bharath Chandran and Arun Prasath. Our journey started with Ravi's rental experience in 2015 when he moved.

Rental experience started with checking three portals to find available apartments, talking to multiple Owners and Brokers. In many cases, short-listed properties were no longer available. In few cases, people who listed properties were not even reachable. In other cases, it took hours to coordinate with Brokers and Owners who listed those properties. Finally, we narrowed down to one Broker who said he had access to multiple apartments and one Owner who had a flat that met our requirements.

Our Broker, who promised to show us multiple flats kept taking us from one tower to another asking security folks for list of available properties. When he found few that were available, he kept calling multiple people asking for keys. It was obvious that he did not really have access to any flats at all. Even after his frantic phone calls, he found only two flats that he could show us - in a community that had at least 100 vacant properties.

That one Owner who had a vacant flat was 2 hours late to show us the property because he was travelling 30KM in traffic to show us the property. When he finally showed us the property, it turned out that he had lot of pending work before he could rent it out. Obviously, he was a busy professional who needed help dealing with his rental property.

What a clumsy experience! It doesn't have to be that difficult to rent a property - neither for Owners, nor for Tenants. Working with a professional Agent is all it should take to rent.

We found an amazing opportunity through that clumsy experience. What if we could help professional Agents get organized? What if we could help them collaborate with each other? Wouldn't creating a system where they can collaborate to deliver full service to their customers result in win-win-win?

When we got the whiteboard and figured out how we would solve this problem - we could see a win for Owners, win for Tenants and win for professional Agents. That is how PORTIQO platform was born - to offer faster rentals to Owners; to provide great experience to Tenants; to help Agents grow their business through professional service.