Invest in High Potential
Real Estate

Access Professional Grade Investments with minimums as low as ₹5L


How it Works


Browse properties and select the one you like. Don't find one yet? Just Contact Us and we'll let you know when we get more.


Once you select a property, we will help you invest your fraction in the property. We'll take care of the process end to end.


You can sell your fraction whenever you like. We can help you find a Buyer or you can bring one. We'll handle compliance.

Fracsn platform offer properties on two Ownership Models:

(1.) Green Model where investors own property through an LLP that is created specifically for owning that property and (2.) Blue Model where the ownership is registered with the Registrations Department at an SRO. Be sure to check out the ownership model against the property that you are selecting.

Learn more about Ownership Models

Why Fractional Ownership?

Best Real Estate in the market is generally not accessible to individual investors because it requires large investment (typically in Crores) and it must be funded with cash (because loans are not available). In addition, it requires professional due diligence and management to get the best returns out of it.

With fractional ownership, you can now access this High Potential Real Estate. For example: There is an office space on IT Corridor that generates 6% rental yield (3 times that of residential) and has great potential for appreciation. You can invest in that property with an amount of say ₹5Cr but there are very few investors who can invest such a large amount in one property. People can come together on Fracsn, invest in such high potential properties - say 50 people * ₹10L each and earn higher Return on their investment. Of course, Fracsn will always be there to manage this end-to-end for investors.

Low Minimum Investment

Access professional grade investments

Accessible Investments

With fractional ownership, your barrier to investing in professional grade properties is as low as ₹5L.

Pooled Ownership

You are investing alongside select set of people who share the common goal with you.

Collective Governance

With Fracsn's well-defined governance model - you can be assured that your interests are always protected.

Quick & Easy

Process is simplified for quick & easy investment

Digital First

All the data lives on Fracsn platform so that your investment and sale experience is smooth. Digital First is still supported through government and regulatory compliance.


We worked with world class legal professionals and digital experience designers to deliver a seamless investment experience.


We handle all backend paperwork, compliance with various government agencies and private parties so that you don't have to run around.

Curated Properties

We only offer properties that meet our criteria

High Potential

Our team of experts weigh in on several properties for growth potential. We don't offer properties on our platform unless we see potential for good returns.

Fractional Ownership = Win

We select properties where fractional ownership results in significantly higher benefits than owning individually. After all, winning together is the basic premise behind fractional ownership.


Complete with online dashboard

Document Storage

All documents related to your ownership are stored online and are securely accessible to you through dashboard.


Income, expense, annual filings, tax payments - all ownership related accounting with respective documentation is available to you on your dashboard.

Decision Making

The power of fractional ownership is in collective decision making. Through Blockchain powered governance protocol, you get to decide what is right for you.

Sell Anytime

Sell your fractional ownership anytime

You are in Control

There are no restrictions on how much you can sell and when. you are in complete control.

Sell it Yourself

You can sell your fraction yourself to anyone of your choice - you just have to record the sale on the platform.

Sell on the Platform

You can sell your fraction on the platform. You can benefit from the demand we constantly generate for no additional fee.

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