FAQFrequently Asked Questions

You can get started as an investor by signing up on fracsn.com. Account creation and investment process can be completed online. You may be required to complete KYC process either online or offline depending on where you live. Completing KYC is not required for account creation but is required before you make your first investment.

Pre-order enables investors to commit to investing in a particular property before it is acquired by Fracsn, during the early stages of the acquisition process. The property may be acquired with committed funds if commitment matches or exceeds required capital. If there isn’t enough interest, Fracsn may decide not to acquire the property - in which case, investors will get their committed amount back, if any.

Fracsn will automatically invest the funds committed to the property when pre-order closes. If you wish to cancel, please cancel before the pre-order closes.

Pre-order will typically remain open for 5 to 10 days or until the investment interest exceeds 150% of the funding target. If you are keen on the investment, you should commit to investing as soon as possible rather than waiting until later.

Please subscribe to our newsletter if you want to keep up-to-date with properties that may be coming up for pre-orders.

When a pre-order is oversubscribed, Fracsn - in general, will allocate investments based on first come, first served basis. From time to time, we may offer investment on scale-back basis in which case your commitment may be reduced on a pro-rata basis. Please check pre-order’s oversubscription policy for more details.

The fees relate to services that Fracsn provides:

  • 1. Sourcing and diligence of investment grade property deals.
  • 2. Delivering an end-to-end managed investment, including sourcing, corporate structuring, financial statement preparation, tax compliance, and complying with regulations.
  • 3. Providing a technology platform that facilitates online investment management and reporting.

Fees may differ from property to property - please refer to Financials section of each property for accurate information.

When purchasing fractional ownership, through a platform such as ours, physical share certificates are not issued. This is normal practice in the industry. An electronic receipt is sent out for each transaction so that you can keep a copy of those for your records. Also, your ownership through SPV is documented (a) with Ministry of Corporate Affairs and (b) on Fracsn’s Blockchain platform – which is highly secure and the records cannot be manipulated (data stored on Blockchain is immutable).

Fracsn platform provides online platform with complete information, including ongoing reporting and updates on the status of your investment, as well as the delivery of tax filing and other relevant materials.

When transacting on the resale market a percentage fee applies on each side – for buyer and the seller. Fees may differ from property to property - please refer to Financials section of each property for accurate information.

Fracsn uses bank-level security for investor’s protection. Investor information is encrypted with an AES bit symmetric key, the same as level as the largest commercial banks. Each investor’s connection to Fracsn is always encrypted over HTTPS with Transport Layer Security (TLS). Fracsn applications and data are physically located in multiple secure data centers. We utilize Amazon Web Services for our hosting which is compliant with numerous security certifications.

Fracsn is an online platform and your ownership structure is designed in such a way that the ownership is not dependent on anyone. Your ownership, governance and compliance records are stored in appropriate public databases such as with Ethereum Blockchain and Ministry of Corporate Affairs website.

Yes. Many NRIs already invested with Fracsn. Just make sure you comply with regulations when you fund your investment.

Like many other things with fractional ownership, you, owners of the property decide when to exit and at what price.