About Fracsn

Fracsn (pronounced as 'fraction') is a fractional ownership platform for investing in Real Estate.

Real Estate is the second largest Investment Asset Class in India at nearly a trillion dollars. However, the best Real Estate in the market is generally not accessible to individual investors because it requires large investment (typically in Crores) and it must be funded with cash (because loans are not available). In addition, it requires professional due diligence and management to get the best returns out of it.

With fractional ownership, you can now access this High Potential Real Estate. For example: There is an office space on IT Corridor that generates 6% rental yield (3 times that of residential) and has great potential for appreciation. You can invest in that property with an amount of say ₹5Cr but there are very few investors who can invest such a large amount in one property. People can come together on Fracsn, invest in such high potential properties - say 50 people * ₹10L each and earn higher Return on their investment. Of course, Fracsn will always be there to manage this end-to-end for investors.

Our pioneering efforts in the field are changing how India invests in Real Estate. Work with Us! Partner with Us! Invest with Us! for a better way to invest in Real Estate - powered far superior technology.